Unicorns: glitter and rainbows?

The unicorn trend is still going strong with readers wanting a touch of glitter and sparkle in their bedtime stories. I am pleased, however, to see a new breed of unicorns breaking through.  Unicorns who refuse to conform to their sweet and sugary image.  Bring on the Grumpycorns, the hungry-corns and the downright naughty-corns (and … Continue reading Unicorns: glitter and rainbows?

‘Happy Birthday Old Bear,’ by Jane Hissey.

Old Bear is celebrating his 30th birthday this year but there are some stories which never age. Join Old Bear and his friends as they plan a special party to mark the occasion. In their latest adventure, Old Bear's friends are getting everything ready for his birthday party, with a little help from their new … Continue reading ‘Happy Birthday Old Bear,’ by Jane Hissey.