Summer Holiday Boredom-Busters

The Summer holidays are upon us. Five weeks of relaxing in the sunshine whilst the children gambol around merrily, amusing themselves and behaving impeccably. Or, five weeks of rain, boredom, complaining and niggling. Whichever sounds closest to the holiday you’re having, one of these titles might just provide a window of calm and tranquility in your … Continue reading Summer Holiday Boredom-Busters


‘Urban Jungle,’ by Vicky Woodgate.

November is officially the month to celebrate all books non-fiction and I have a beautiful one here for you today. ‘Urban Jungle’ is a winning combination of maps and wildlife, taking its readers on a fantastic journey around the globe, visiting 38 major cities along the way. Each city has its own double page spread … Continue reading ‘Urban Jungle,’ by Vicky Woodgate.

‘Emma Jane’s Aeroplane,’ by Katie Haworth, illustrated by Daniel Reiley.

Introducing Emma Jane, her aeroplane and all the animal friends she collects on her whistle-stop tour around the world. Emma Jane is a girl who likes adventure. As she sets off in her plane one evening, little does she know that she's about to head off on a round-the-world trip. The first big city in … Continue reading ‘Emma Jane’s Aeroplane,’ by Katie Haworth, illustrated by Daniel Reiley.