Eye-Opening Animal Fact Books

‘Eye Spy’ by Guillaume Duprat (What On Earth Books) This is an absolutely fantastic book which gives its readers an animal-eye view of the world. If you thought that all animals saw the same, you were wrong! Snakes see in infrared, cats are super-sensitive to movement and a chameleon’s eyes allow it to look two … Continue reading Eye-Opening Animal Fact Books


To infinity and beyond….

The vastness of Outer Space has been a source of fascination for humans beings for millennia. Astronomers have pondered over what wonders and mysteries the universe might hold. Although I can’t promise you all the secrets of the universe, I can offer you five out of this world non-fiction books which may help shed a … Continue reading To infinity and beyond….

Beasts and Bones

Bones and ancient beasts have always been a source of fascination for adults and children alike. If you’re looking for armadillos as big as cars, monster sharks or peek inside a gorilla’s skeleton, then I have the book or three for you! Mega Meltdown by Jack Tite (Big Picture Press) An absolutely stunning book which introduces its … Continue reading Beasts and Bones

‘The World-Famous Book Of Numbers,’ by Sarah Goodreau.

Roll up! Roll up! Come and see ‘The World Famous Book Of Numbers!’ Sure to delight and enchant! Here on my blog for your reading pleasure! A truly magical counting book for little math-magicians! Packed full of fabulous pop-ups and confounding illusions, moving pictures and flaps to peek behind, this rather glamorous picture book is … Continue reading ‘The World-Famous Book Of Numbers,’ by Sarah Goodreau.

‘The Atlas Of Monsters,’ by Stuart Hill and Sandra Lawrence.

‘Dear Mr Wright, I am writing to you as librarian of Hardacre Manor, Berkshire, about an extraordinary discovery that I have made on the estate....’ Followed the discovery of a collection of antique maps and notes locked away in a secret hidey-hole dating from the 15th century which seem to detail the whereabouts of the … Continue reading ‘The Atlas Of Monsters,’ by Stuart Hill and Sandra Lawrence.

‘Where’s The Baby?,’ by Britta Teckentrup.

Britta Teckentrup has already brought us two beautiful 'spotting books' and now we're lucky enough to have a third to enjoy. Renowned for her gorgeous repeated pattern style, reminiscent of a rather exclusive wallpaper design, Britta brings us spreads with a hidden secret - a baby animal is hiding with its parent somewhere on the … Continue reading ‘Where’s The Baby?,’ by Britta Teckentrup.

‘Highest Mountain Deepest Ocean,’illustrated by Page Tsou.

A Pictorial Compendium of Natural Wonders. Have you ever wondered what the deepest land animal is?  Or questioned what the largest herbivorous dinosaur was?  This beautiful compendium of superlatives will give you all the answers. Featuring intricately detailed illustrations which allow for plenty of studying by young explorers, this book really is a visual delight. … Continue reading ‘Highest Mountain Deepest Ocean,’illustrated by Page Tsou.

‘One is Not a Pair – A Spotting Book,’ by Britta Teckentrup.

There's now a third title in Britta Teckentrup's best-selling spotting series, and it doesn't fail to impress. All children are naturally inquisitive so I can't think of a better book to harness this than 'One is Not a Pair.'  Each page contains several sets of pairs...but can you spot the odd one out?  The rhyming … Continue reading ‘One is Not a Pair – A Spotting Book,’ by Britta Teckentrup.