‘Timelines of Everything,’ from the team at DK

Book Boy is an absolute fiend for a big chunky non-fiction book.  There is nothing he likes better than settling down with a pack of sticky tabs in one hand and a pen in the other, ready to mark the important pages.  ‘Timelines of Everything’ is a little different to other books in its category … Continue reading ‘Timelines of Everything,’ from the team at DK


William Bee’s Wonderful World…

Every so often a book series comes along which is to children what catnip is to cats - highly addictive and likely to result in great excitement. William Bee’s Wonderful World of Tractors and Farm Machines  The third title in William Bee’s extremely popular series showcases William’s fantastic collection of farm machines. Within its pages … Continue reading William Bee’s Wonderful World…

‘Full Speed Ahead! How Fast Things Go,’ by Cruschiform

Have you ever wondered just how quickly a tortoise actually goes? Or just how fast you'd need to be to be faster than a speeding bullet? Then this is the book for you! This glorious picture book is crammed full of striking illustrations and fascinating facts to tantalise young minds. My my trusty sidekick dived in headfirst … Continue reading ‘Full Speed Ahead! How Fast Things Go,’ by Cruschiform