‘GOOD DOG McTavish,’ by Meg Rosoff, illustrated by Grace Easton.

McTavish is a rescue dog with a mission – to save the Peachey family.


After mum resigns from her duties to practise yoga, The Peachey family is in chaos. They are always late for everything, sock go unpaired and take-away pizza for tea is de rigour.  Cue, McTavish, the rescue dog and organisational mastermind who’s just the canine to whip these humans into shape.

I thoroughly enjoyed this witty novella and enjoyed a wry chuckle on the train whilst reading. The chaos currently reigning in the Peachey household will ring true in other households across the country and I can certainly sympathise with mum’s desire to quit.

Cleverly observed and quietly hilarious, the tale is told from the family’s and McTavish’s perspectives, which gives us some interesting insights into dog psychology!

It’s not really a story about how a family rescues a dog, but a story about how a dog  can rescue a family.  Another cracking title from the Barrington Stoke, Conkers range with royalties being donated to the Blue Cross for Pets.

Library Girl.




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