‘Father Christmas Needs a Wee!’ by Nicholas Allan

One of my personal festive favourites, guaranteed to raise a smile in any child (or adult).  Written by the fabulous Nicholas Allan who is also the author of the hilarious 'The Queen's Knickers,' amongst others. Poor Father Christmas has to drink everything left for him by the children of the world.  The only problem is that … Continue reading ‘Father Christmas Needs a Wee!’ by Nicholas Allan


‘Journey Through the Solar System’ by Simon Abbott

Did you know that the Moon is hotter than boiling water during the day and colder than a freezer at night-time? Superheroes need super-knowledge and this book is perfect for learning all about space and the solar system. Keep exploring! Library Girl and Book Boy.

‘What on Earth Wall Book’

Knowledge is power!  This fascinating book is one in a series of unique fold-out books that tell stories through timelines.  This one clearly shows how different time periods in history overlap, letting children see what was going on in the world at certain points.  A real treat for children of any age.   Library Girl.

‘Blown Away’ by Rob Biddulph

The rather gusty weather we're having today inspired this choice. Winner of the Waterstones 2015 picture book award, this funny tale follows the adventures of Penguin Blue, his friends and a new kite. Watch out if you're off to fly your kite today! Library Girl

‘Return to the Secret Garden’ by Holly Webb

I'm so excited!  I love the classic book,'The Secret Garden' by Frances Hodgson-Burnett and have just ordered an amazing-looking sequel by the talented Holly Webb. In this story, a group of children are evacuated to Misselthwaite Manor during the Second World War and find a mysterious diary written by a girl called Mary.  They learn … Continue reading ‘Return to the Secret Garden’ by Holly Webb

‘Dogs Don’t do Ballet’ by Anna Kemp

Another great read for anti-bullying week: It's Biff's dearest wish to be a ballet dancer but everybody knows that dogs don't do ballet! Or do they.............? This funny and heart-warming book proves that everybody is unique and should follow their dreams. I wish I could pirouette; it would be useful for dodging lasers! Book Boy.

‘Tyrannosaurus Drip’ by Julia Donaldson

It's Anti-bullying week in the United Kingdom and we superheroes take bullying very seriously. This fab picture book combines the humour and rhyming prose you'd expect from a Julia Donaldson book but also celebrates individual differences and unexpected heroes.               Poor peace-loving Duckbill hatches in the wrong nest and … Continue reading ‘Tyrannosaurus Drip’ by Julia Donaldson

Christmas Inspiration and the Book Trust Advent Calendar

Are you looking for some great Christmas reads this year?  Well, you could follow the Twitter hashtag #bookelves16 or take a look at my festive purchases so far (a more in-depth blog post to follow): Another awesome idea for the month of December - The fabulous Book Trust organisation launched an on-line advent calendar featuring … Continue reading Christmas Inspiration and the Book Trust Advent Calendar